Sailor Minerva

The secret Sailor Sensei

by LPrior

Chapter one

In the Shadow Kingdom

"Good evening, Amethyst.” Darien nodded to the purple haired young woman standing guard outside his door. Over the past few weeks he had gotten used to her presence and expected her to be there every evening.

"Good evening, sir.” Amethyst came to attention, saluting her superior officer. When the prince waved her to relax, she smiled and asked, “How was your day, today, sir.”

“Difficult,” he looked down and clenched his fist. The emotions he was feeling chased across his face. Amethyst could see an internal struggle going on. “Malakite tried another of his plans to retrieve the crystal. He nearly killed some innocent humans standing nearby.” Darian looked up at Amethyst. He knew that she worked for Malakite but her trusted her. They both felt that the humans of Earth should be left out of the quest for the crystal.

“He doesn’t have any care for those he conciders lower than himself.” She remarked wryly.

Darien smiled. “Having trouble with his high and mightyness again?”

Amethyst looked away and spoke quietly. “You know how he’s been since Soyasite died. Anyone in his way is to be walked over. Those he has under his command have found it best to jump when he calls and avoid him as much as possible.”

Darien looked at the girl for a long moment. “Amethyst, why are you here?”

Amethyst turned back toward Darien quickly. “What? I’m on guard duty. You know I have been assigned by Malakite to watch you and report your movements.”

“Yes, I know.” He paused and then continued. “Why are you working in the Dark Kingdom’s armed force. You don’t seem to be like the other young officers I’ve met.”

Amethyst looked striken for a moment. Darien had caught on to the discreptency between her role and her personality. When around Darien she had taken to acting more like Iriko and less like the cold Amethyst, aide to generals. She thought quickly. She couldn’t tell him why she was here. He was still under Beryl’s control. After a moment she thought of something. “Darien, I haven’t had to tell anyone this in a long time.” She looked down and scuffed a foot along the carpet. “My father had me comissioned in Beryl’s service when I was a young child. I have no other place to go so I stayed in and moved up the ranks.

Darien thought about that for a moment. He understood doing what the family wanted. But there was something else about the woman before him. He recognised her from somewhere else. Every time he saw her he felt his mind trying to tug him in some direction. Away from being the servant of the Queen toward some misty memory of his earlier life. He nodded to Amethyst and turned away toward his room. “Well, goodnight.”

With a sigh of relief Amethyst wished him a good night’s rest and took up her guard post. That was too close. She wanted him to remember who he was but not in bits and pieces. If he remember who she was before the battle was done he could blow her cover. She didn’t need to be turned over to Beryl and her queen after all her long years here.


To be continued