Disclaimer: The following story is based on the Anime series Sailor Moon. All characters are the property of Naoko Taeuchi and DIC. The character of Sailor Minerva is mine.

Sailor Minerva

The secret Sailor Sensei

by LPrior

Chapter 2

As the evening drew on Amethyst slipped into the Prince's room. She knew from experience that he would be asleep by this time. She closed the door quite and turned to look at Endymion.

He was stretched out on the bed. A small smile moved across her face. He was quite handsome and she knew that the Princess was a lucky girl. Even in his ensorcelled state his love for Serena still lived. he had many chances to harm the Princess but he refused. Amethyst knew that was in part due to her subtle influence.

Though not the warrior type of the other sensei, she had powers that were just as effective in their own way. she moved to his side and whispered, "Minerva power!? Between one step and the next the cold dark kingdom warrior was replaced by Sailor Minerva. Each time she did this she took the chance of the power being detected and being caught. She stood still and listened with all her ability. After a long moment she decided that she had not been detected once more and set to work. She kneeled at Endymion's side and stretched out her hands. Placing them on either side of his face she whispered, "Minerva mind slip." A purple glow started in her hands and moved out to bath the sleeping man's face.

Iriko found herself once more inside the mind of the Prince of Earth. Over the past few weeks she had become familiar with the internal landscape of his mind. He had his dark bits but mostly he had a fine healthy mind, even under the dark queen's influence. She had been amazed at the depth of feeling she found focused toward the princess. Beryl's magic had to nearly wipe out his personality to overcome those feelings.

She quickly brushed over the memories of the day. Once again he had been sent to deal with the princess. This time it was at a mountain hot spring. He had gone to raise up a spirit that dwelled, locked inside the lake. That had been a mistake. The spirit had not been of the dark kingdom and it did not take well to any attempt to control it. When the creature attacked he had as always moved to protect the innocent humans in its path. The Princess's current family.

The other sensei showed and the family retreated in Mercury's fog to safety. Interestingly the Prince once again helped the sensei. He even admitted to them his mistake. It was becoming harder for him to resist the prompting of his cloudy memories.

She gently moved those memories to the front of his mind again. Memories of the last dance he and the Princess had shared. Memories of his earthly friends and of being tuxedo mask. When she finished the reinforcement she brought forward one of her favorite of his memories.


To be continued